Is this how your football coach/special team’s coach view you as a kicker – or is this how you view them?

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Ok – now that your kicking season is just about over, and have seen the enclosed picture of “The Three Stooges” attempting a field goal while reading my question above how would you answer that question?

If not you’re not sure here’s a couple of additional questions to help you out.

Does your coach (or special team’s coach) have a real clue when it comes to which hash mark you are more effective from kicking a field goal or kickoff (directional kick) from and which will have better results during a game? (If they do not, then they are the ones in the picture)

Do YOU as a kicker/punter during the game tell your coach (or more importantly at the BEGINNING of the season) which side you prefer to kick from? (Hint- in coaching we call this a “teachable moment” where you as the kicker teach your coach where you are more effective). If you have not, then YOU the kicker belong in this picture!

You are the starting kicker and you have proven to the coaching staff, you can kick an extra point with your eyes closed and with one arm tied behind your back. It’s the first quarter of a game, and your coach decides to “go for two” after your team scores a touchdown because the other team went for “two” and made it. Clearly, he does not understand the game is four quarters long- so he belongs in this picture-nor has he watched the opposing team’s own kicker.
It’s the end of the current football season and as the kicker/punter you have a choice of attending one of the national/regional football kicking camps (or purchasing our KickersTime software) or buying the newest 20 inch rims for your car/truck- and you choose the rims. Then you definitely belong in this picture!

As the head coach/special team’s coach you yell at your punter coming off the sidelines when his punt is returned for a touchdown letting him know “its definitely all your fault” for not tackling the returner” even though six of your team mates missed their tackles. If that is the true “picture of what happened, then the coach belongs in this picture.. Conversely, if you as a punter/kicker have no clue as to how to tackle a player-then you are the one in the picture (Hint- it’s all about “personal accountability)

As the field goal kicker- you have just kicked a 50 “yarder” deep into the fourth quarter of a very important game, putting your team up by one point and on your ensuing kick-off, you either hit the ball out-of-bounds (unless of course if your coach tells you to do it) because you can’t wait to get home and post on Facebook how great you are or looking ahead for the next morning’s local newspaper. You take your mind off the current moment you need to concentrate on and if you do, then you really are the one in the picture!

Lastly, as coaches, players and parents involved in these “special team’s moments” we all look forward to ensuring that effectively communicating before, during and after each “teachable moment” that comes our way in the end we don’t become the ‘”stooges” that we are sometimes called! By not understanding and communicating the special team’s game plan- then we have really placed Larry, Moe, and Curley in the position as coaches/special team members and kickers, and that would be truly be a real Three Stooges episode!

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