Why using Video Analysis (with voice) software will help you become a better kicker/punter

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This week’s blog is going to touch on the use of video analysis that has been shaping the “new birth” of how many coaches are starting to view sports related activities. By many accounts we were the first pure “kicking” specialists/coaches (pioneers if you will) who viewed pure video “tapes” and game re-plays of our kickers and punters as far back as 1988, providing feedback to our kicking specialists.

Fast forward to today. With the advances of technology along with our new cloud-based platform we have taken video analysis to a new level we believe will be the “standard” as to how coaches and kicking specialist will not only look at video analysis, but will be able to learn and develop from this – many times from their home computer – or right after practices and games using our The Kickers’ Zone™ portal.

To understand this “new birth”, there are two major changes in the evolution of what we refer to as Movement Analysis. The two categories are: Notational Analysis (sometimes called Time in Motion Analysis (TMA) or Match Play Analysis (MPA) where an athlete performs a set of skills that a coach may be interested in viewing to see how they are doing a task (or not doing correctly); and Technique Analysis (TA) or often times called Skills Based Analysis which is our preference for kickers and punters we work with and have built in our software platform.

With Notational Analysis software programs these tasks are “tagged” by the predetermined event by game coders who watch the whole game, then these tasks are loaded into a software program to uncover movement patterns and a set of statistical tables for various strategies to be deployed in during a game (for instance in a soccer match or football game where at half time a coach and players can look at opportunities to expose the opponents weakness in a particular area-or skill).

At VAS we have developed our platform on a Skills Based Analysis/Technique Analysis software to deal with a specific skill (in our case, kicking specialists – kicking, punting, directional punts, field goals and kick-offs) with short bursts in a much more defined role of an clinical/education analysis – or a “triage approach” in a hospital setting or a “Response to Intervention”(RTI) in the education sector where we provide the analysis tools to triage (quickly and accurately analyze the skill area) then offer the needed response (including voice responses/recommendations) to hasten the kicker’s improvement of his kicking/punting technique.

This is designed to not have a wait to fail methodology where a kicker/punter continues to do something that is not going to make them successful over a long period of time-but they don’t know it. Reasoning is “how can I fix something I don’t know is wrong?”
More importantly in the case of getting ready for a national camp such as Chris Sailer’s camps (www.chrissailerkicking.com) or Jamie Kohls (www.kohlskicking.com) it is tough to try and take every great tip they provide you in a short period of time, remember it and take it back home with you!

With our Skills Based Analysis tools many times these short bursts of video clips uploaded and downloaded from our portal can offer some great advice to those who do not have a local coach to work with and need some additional help. Currently, we have many young kickers/punters throughout the US who just a few short years ago we could not can’t get to in person to coach, but now today they have a vehicle to do so, and right from their own PC or Laptop! If you are fortunate to have a local coach that works with you that is great, and we hope they are using some type of analysis tool to help shape you as you grow; which in turn you can send to college coaches.

Using our skills based software programs we view this as a teacher/coach – to student/athlete working/learning environment where each can also provide self analysis and feedback to assess the problem and assign the technical and functional skills needed real time when needed or “near real-time” in the “cloud” if we cannot be there on the field.

Lastly, Video Analysis Software (VAS) and The Kickers’ Zone™ software platform is based on our belief that a Skills Based Analysis/Technique Analysis for our kickers and punters offers a better triage/intervention set of “specialists” tools over Notational Analysis for movement discovery and investigations – or to put it in a football analogy try this one; both a kicker and a lineman are important on the field – but by design are greatly different and need a different analysis during practices and post game film breakdown.

The real question to you as a kicker/punter (or parent) is how many times during your game film does your Special Teams’ coach breakdown and analyze your kicking and punting, and how do YOU assess where you were last week to this week? ++++

Coach Nolan

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  • Your film analysis is very unique and has allowed my son to see his technique from many angles