KickersTime™ – This is a fully featured hands free capture and instant replay software product that allows the kicking specialist and high level special team’s coach to watch the kicking skills being executed right on the field so as to provide almost instant visual feedback – or you can wait until you arrive home and review the analysis.

With KickersTime™, you can review steps, plant foot angles, ball striking and follow through techniques then refine these movements from one drill to the next, and all in the same kicking/training session. With KickersTime™, this now becomes an indispensable training aid for improving your kicking techniques on the field.

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Recommended Computer and Camera setup for KickersTime™ and Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™

Internet connection
Windows® 7 64 bit
CD read/write
Sound card
One Firewire (IEEE 1394) card or Firewire port for laptop
2.2MHz Core 2 Duo or greater
Graphics card
320 GB free hard disk space (for the video files)
A 19” or 22” monitor with at least 1024 vertical pixels (eg 1280 x 1024 or
1680 x 1050). Higher resolutions may make the text and buttons too small.

Depending on your needs there are 2 ways to capture video into your computer. One is a ‘live’ feed where whatever the camera is looking at is also shown in the software. The other is to capture files onto the camera’s hard drive and then download them to the computer at a later time.

With the increasing scarcity of MiniDV camcorders around the world, the ‘live feed over Firewire’ option is becoming less available so we have had to alter the way users can get live video feeds into our software. Unfortunately the USB cables that come with the camcorders only allow you to download files, they do not provide a live video feed.

Our new USB method uses the live AV output from the camcorder and a Hauppauge AV to USB converter. This dramatically increases the number of cameras you can plug into your computer and get a ‘live’ feed from.

Option 1 (where available)
Entry level mini DV camera with IEEE 1394 out
Option 2
HD Handy Cam and USB to DV Converter
Ensure the Handy Cam has an analogue video stream which will then be converted to DV via the USB to DV converter. We recommend the

Panasonic SDR-H85 SD/HDD Video Camera (or similar model)
and a
Haupauge USB Live 2

If you don’t have one yet you can buy the Hauppauge USB2‐Live from: (search for ‘USB‐Live2’)

Order KickersTime™ or one of the bundled packages