The Kickers’ Zone™

The Kickers’ Zone™ is the first dedicated “cloud based” platform for the college or professional bound football kicker/soccer player and their coaches who desire a very low cost solution for their training. The Kickers’ Zone ™ places the power to access a very highly designed set of software analysis tools for both the athlete and coach who have been searching for an easy to use training tool with a very low cost.

For the College or Professional Bound Athlete
The Kickers’ Zone™ is a tremendous tool that will allow you to upload your video files into a secure website of your latest kicks from practices, games , and even camps (if allowed), then have one of our national experts of coaches provide analysis back to you. The access to our portal to upload and view video analysis is a yearly subscription of ONLY $199.99.

Additional fees that can be incurred are:

  • Online video analysis requests – Currently $100 for up to 5 online video analysis request and $175 for up to 10
  • On-site, in-person coaches’ analysis/clinics – The coach will provide a quote for service depending on location and the coach’s level of experience

KickersTime™ is also available in a bundle offering along with The Kickers’ Zone™ for $799.99 to assist the athlete in video capture on the field.

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For Professional Coaches
The Kickers’ Zone™ is the Coach’s portal to view, upload video clips and deliver back to your kicking athletes your expert coaching tips. Your yearly subscription Software as a Service (SaaS) model is bundled with the Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™ for $899.99 and additionally with KickersTime™ for $1599.99. These two desktop tools will allow you to provide visual and verbal analysis of video clips uploaded by athletes as well as assist in video capture on the field.

You are able to make extra money on the side fulfilling video analysis requests, as well as on-site professional coaching/training.

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