What We Don’t Do

At The Kickers’ Zone™, we know many of the great kicking camps- from Jamie Kohls- Kohls’ Kicking (www.kohlskicking) to Coach Mike MaCabe’s One to One Kicking (www.oneoneonekickers.com) to Ray Guy’s ProKicker (www.prokicker.com) as well as many others we have sent our college bound kickers and punters to these great men and their staff’s to take them to the next level, because that is what they do best!

Our focus and our software packages allow both the athlete and coach to have an on-going dialogue that no one has been able to replicate at this time-and believe will change the way both athlete and coach interact with one another! From the athlete who wants to develop and see their on-line kicking view of their skills to the kicking professional who can provide an “on-demand” video analysis back to the athlete is what we are all about (while  for the kicking professional being able making some great money on the side), and allowing the kicker to interact on-line with coaches or even their peers)

We actually compliment the kicking professional and instead of competing with them- also allows a coach to be part of our National Coaching database to earn extra money from using our Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™, KickersTime™ software and The Kickers Zone™ portal.  (To purchase click here)

For the serious kicking athlete, what we don’t do any longer is the day-camps and one on one training; we have done in the past. While we love to help train college bound specialists- we want to be able to have you work with the coaches who can take you to the next level-while we can offer both the teacher/coach and student/athlete the tools needed for the best overall performance!  By purchasing KickersTime™ and The Kickers Zone™ portal does for you – and allows you to have access to these great coaches in person or via the web! To purchase click here).

The KickersTime™ software is a hands-free live capture and instant video replay of your training skills being executed on the football field and to playback what you are doing well and what you may need improvement on. As coaches with over 150 years of training several hundred athletes, you now have software tools to help you.