How do coaches make money?

How do coaches make money from being affiliated with The Kickers’ Zone™ and some advantages?

By being affiliated with The Kickers’ Zone™ team, we are not only helping your coaching organization take your coaching skills to the next level with some of the most advanced cloud based technology that exists but also how you can capture more kicking specialist who can attend your camps and private lessons- but also make some great part-time or even full-time money!

How do you make money? Simple. For every “on-demand” video analysis you do as a coach for one of The Kickers’ Zone™ players you will receive 80% of the analysis money. (The value we are placing on this is for example, $100.00 for up to 5 online video analysis – which would be $80.00 per request – this should take you no more than 60 minutes to complete a 5 clip analysis. Monthly payments are sent to coaches automatically along with a statement.

Based on our past experiences in working with kickers (depending on their age and if they are playing multiple sports in the same season) the heaviest Coaching On-Demand analysis would be from the months of March-May with the analysis being done 4 times a month (or $400.00, which would be $320.00 for the coach) and then any “extra” on-site/personal training by the coach is all your own money (generally we see anywhere from $60.00 to $100.00 an hour) and believe at least 1 or 2 sessions a month to be done during this time period.

As an example (of Total) for the coach FOR EACH PLAYER would be $320.00 a month, but again would be need to be focused on the player and graduation year of the player (seniors and their parents would be more “serious” than say a freshman parent/kicker).

Once the high school season starts, we believe The Kickers’ Zone™ portal analysis would be each weekend reviewing the past Friday night’s game (Coaching On-Demand) as well as one additional weekday analysis (maybe during a heavier work week day to see how they do when their leg becomes over stressed or over kicked) and 1 weekend day session (on-site for local kickers/coaches) where appropriate (and for which you keep 100% of the monies).

So what is your investment with us as a coaching “partner”?

The total cost first year will be $1599.99:
– The Kickers’ Zone™ Portal and On-Demand Coaching for $299.99
– Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™ and KickersTime™ is $1300.00

The yearly maintenance fee for The Kickers’ Zone™ Portal and On-Demand Coaching is $299.99

The yearly maintenance fee for Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™ and KickersTime™ is 25% of cost, for yearly upgrades and enhancements – this is a standard agreement on the software industry. As of May 2011, this is $275.00.

What are the some advantages of working with us?
– We have taken over two years of software development and functional planning of our new website to allow you the ability to use our technology without all the front-end and back-end costs and support you would need to develop this on your own
– As kicking coaches ourselves with over 26 years of experience, we know firsthand what our kickers and their parents are looking for
– As kicking coaches, we also know what many of the College coaches are looking at in the world of “Biomechanics”
– You can post your own kicking organization and upcoming camps on our website as well as being able to search our Kickers Zone portal of player profiles your college connections are looking for
– Did we mention you can make some great money- from your home office PC/Laptop, and also additional “private lessons”?