Coach Certification for The Kickers’ Zone™


To join our National database of our kicking coaching experts, please go to our Products & Services page and choose the right package for you, then fill out the Coach’s profile form when checking out. If you have any questions, you can reach us by email at or by calling us at 770-591-3400. If you are currently a coaching professional who runs a kicking organization, who has multiple staff assisting you and would like to discuss our enterprise package pricing please feel free to contact our CEO Marc Nolan at or at 678-200-7540.

We have to be very selective in who we work with since our focus is on the kicking specialist and not the football “generalist” coach. As a certified coach/partner you will need to purchase The Kickers’ Zone™ Complete Package for Professional Coaches which is the bundled discounted software package of Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™, as well as KickersTime™ and our kickers’ portal The Kickers’ Zone™ so as to provide the analysis and feedback for your kickers and punters. Another option is The Kickers’ Zone & Video Sideline Coach/Trainer Bundle.

What is your investment with us as a coaching “partner”? The total cost first year for both will be $1599.99. This includes The Kickers’ Zone™ Portal, Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™, and KickersTime™ (this will increase in 2013). The only other cost will be the recurring $299.99 to access the portal and software maintenance agreement (for Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™ and KickersTime™) of 25% for yearly upgrades, support and enhancements, which is a standard agreement on the software industry (as of May 2011, $275 for both software).

These products along with our unique “Video Analysis Software Coaching On Demand” (VASCOD) first ever cloud based platform has been developed to aide not only your coaching expertise to assist your kickers and punters, but to provide you additional revenue streams from our 80/20 and 100 percent models, and how to increase your revenues for on-going analysis kicking camps and local one on one training you offer.

As a certified partner other advantages are:
• Access to The Kickers Zone™ Portal to provide analysis and feedback to your kickers in a format designed for only kicking coaches and kicking specialist nationwide
• Archiving of your analysis and videos without you having to buy additional storage space
• The first ever designed specific Secured Cloud based Environment for you and your kickers protection
• Your own e-mail address to interface with your kickers and parents
• Additional Revenue streams for on-site personal coaching
• Additional Revenue stream for our VASCOD model
• Discounts for Keith Elmore’s specific kicking strength programs
• Be part of The American Cancer Society and our National Awareness program we designed called “Kickers Kicking Cancer Program”