Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™

As you can see from our website we have a passion (and prior experience) in working with a niche market: the football kicker/punter/placekicker specialist. The Internet it is becoming more important to not just have a “social profile” that can be viewed online, but for the football kicker/punter specialists to have their own Video Sideline Coach/Trainer who can quickly and accurately assist them with getting the recognition they deserve!
Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™ is a feature rich software product designed with our partner Silicon Coach (www.siliconcoach), one of the world leaders in video analysis and biomechanics. This tool is designed for the high school, college or professional football kicking coaches that allows them to capture, analyze, watch then review with the athlete (either in person or upload/download via the Internet through The Kickers Zone portal) and then provide a fee for service (either in person one-on-one training, or via upload/download through The Kickers Zone portal) of their coaching analysis, even using their own voice to provide feedback.

With every football kicking/punting scholarship being offered in today’s highly competitive market, College coaches do not have the time nor luxury to review each potential kicking specialist and many times offers are made based on Regional/National camps, recruiting websites or even by word of mouth!
The Kickers’ Zone Video Sideline Coach/TrainerTM builds upon players’ skills and highlights videos from the coaches who have actually witnessed (and graded) the football kicker/punter specialists’ skills. The best part of this program is that our experienced coaches who are providing evaluations don’t bring any hidden agenda and their desire is to provide some great feedback for which players might not receive otherwise.

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