“After meeting with Marc and looking at not only the software analysis tools he has designed, but spending several training sessions with his young punters and kickers he has been working out with, I wanted to join him in his endeavor to help these young athletes get better over time. I am excited to be part of something that should be a real “game changer” for not just the athletes’, but also the parents and coaches.”
Durant Brooks – 2007 Ray Guy Award Winner for the Best Punter in the Nation and two-time All-American Punter from Georgia Tech, and 6th round draft choice of the Washington Redskins

“As a fellow ND alum, I thought that I was receiving special attention and energy from Coach Nolan as he shared with me skills and techniques to punting. Then I saw him work with some of the local high school kickers and quickly realized that the level of engagement I received was as high as it was with the high school kickers.Marc’s passion for what he does clearly distinguishes him from other instructors I had worked with. You cannot teach or coach passion — you can only exemplify it. Marc combines this passion for helping youth achieve athletic goals with knowledge of skills and techniques better than anyone I’ve worked with. I am better because of my involvement with him”.
Eric Maust- Former Starting Punter (2007-2010) The University of Notre Dame

“You have helped me tremendously with kicking/punting throughout these last years. I came to you with little experience and with your help I improved on all my key focus areas in which to kick and punt. With your lessons and training you have brought many opportunities’ my way.
If it wasn’t for your coaching and help I can easily say that I wouldn’t be where I am today. The best thing about your coaching is that you don’t try to teach all the kickers/punters the same way, like you said everybody has a different frame or body style, so with that not everybody kicks or punts the same way. You analyze the film and coach us to your best ability and get us better with every lesson. I want to thank you Coach for all you have done for me and I can’t tell you how much i appreciate it.
With your years of experience as a punter and coach i believe you have what it takes any “good” kicker/punter to a “Great” one. If it wasn’t for you coach I wouldn’t have a Full Ride Scholarship to the University of Georgia. Thanks so much for all your help. You’re without a doubt the coach to go to!”
Collin Barber – 2011 #1 Ranked Punter in the US, 2011 Second Team All American, Fall 2012 University of Georgia Commit

“I started working with Coach Nolan my sophomore year of high school and continued to work with him into my college career. I benefited greatly from his coaching, and it was great to have him with me on the sidelines during games. Good kick or bad kick, I always knew that Coach Nolan would keep me focused on the rest of the game. During training, I never felt like he pressured me to change my kicking style- he simply took what I had, made me feel confident about it, and made it better. Apart from giving me some great coaching tips, Coach Nolan made our training sessions fun and I enjoyed seeing my kicking improve in a relaxed environment. I feel that I have a great friend and role model in Coach Nolan.”
Garrett Jack – 2008 Kicker U.S. Air Force Academy

“Over ten years ago, I was introduced to Coach Nolan when he came to help the kickers and punters at our high school. I quickly realized that not only could he help me out in high school- but also to help me take my game to the next level. When he started to video tape my steps and show me what I was doing both right and wrong, he gave me some insight that stayed with me during my college playing career. I became a much more dedicated and serious kicker and punter because of Coach Nolan”.
Kevin Crosby- Former Georgia Tech Punter

“Almost 25 years ago Coach Nolan started me out as a punter and kicker. I am extremely grateful to him for his coaching skills related to my kicking, and also to how to interact with young players. This has guided me a coach in how I now work with young kickers”.
J. Castle

“When we started working with Coach Nolan we had been to several “competition camps” and although these are great for our son’s competitive environment with other kicking “peers” it was Coach Nolan who really developed our son, and provides the analysis tools from A-Z.
Current D1 (2012) Kicker’s Parent

“Coach Nolan’s analysis tools and software should be in every kickers and Special Team coaches bag. They are amazing.
Current D1 Punter

“Coach Nolan is by far one of the best punting and kicking specialist coaches around today. From his own playing experiences and past successes he has had with other kickers and the options he presented to us from football kicking vs. soccer and to how these options translate to scholarships in college were very helpful, along with the real life lessons he helped our son with were very valuable and we will be forever grateful.”
— Parent of a former D1 kicker who received a full-ride scholarship

“Coach Nolan has worked with our son for over 4 years and not only did he coach our son- but showed our son what it means to be a coach who not just cares about what happens on the field- but as well as off the field”
— Parent of a current High School senior who has multiple offers

“Our son started to work with Coach Nolan in his freshman year, and now three years later we are thrilled our son has accepted a D1 scholarship. Words can never be enough- so all I can say is Thanks Coach!”
— Parent-of a current High School senior who set all the schools kicking and punting records

“Coach Nolan trained me as raw kid who had no idea of what I was doing and within a very short period of time- I was out kicking and beating out a three year starter. I am looking forward to me senior year and working with Coach Nolan and his staff to get me to the next level.”
— Current high school Kicking specialist

“The Life skills and just Coach Nolan’s way he works with all the kids who seek him out is truly a gift. The time he spends with them on the field and the instructional led training he does is just amazing-all the while building their confidence levels up on each kick and with each young man he works with. If you want your son to really understand what it will take to kick at the next level, or to know which is the best kickers’ camp to attend, Coach Nolan is the one you need to ask!”
— Parent of a current nationally ranked kicker

“As a former punter myself, I watched with awe how Coach Nolan worked with 10 kids for about 90 minutes and each kid having varying levels of abilities and skills, and was more impressed with not only his expertise on the total kicking aspects of punting, field goals, and kick-offs but how he interacted with each young man. It was amazing to watch these young men see how excited they were when they went from having little success to some great successes-in such a short period of time.”
— Parent of a current 9th grade kicker