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The KickersZone Kicking/Punting Lessons with Coach Nolan and his Staff

In 1978 Coach Nolan was the first kicking coach to offer true one on one private kicking and punting lessons and over the years has held large and small sized lessons so we will ensure you have not only an understanding of the fundamentals from a beginner’s standpoint, or are in need of taking your kicking craft to the next level.

If your goal is to take this on more seriously we can take your game to the next level based on our 40 plus years in assisting high school college and NFL kicking specialists.

The specialist part of the game is now more important than ever, and as we have said is a third of the game so to perform and train (not just get ranked). Knowing the proven techniques from the kicking game to the recruiting game (especially during the Pandemic) combined with our kicking and punting manuals are a valued part of success as a football specialist.

  • Private One on One Instruction:

    This is where we started and why others have jumped on the bandwagon so to speak. In this age of growing specialization; one on one instruction to kickers, punters, and long snappers is becoming more and more the norm. Our private lessons have been the most critical part of our company’s DNA to ensure that as a kicking and long snapping specialists you are getting the most out of your skills and for what we coined your Return On Instruction (ROI).

    We were also the first kicking organization to provide video analysis and built the first Coaching On Demand software platform dedicated to the kicking specialists so as to quickly assess potential problem areas and fix them, based on what we see on the field so you can further become more successful.

  • Small Group Quarterly Lessons: (Atlanta, Athens, Cartersville, Macon GA)

    Our camps are offered to provide deep instruction as well as informal competition amongst the kickers with charting contests and an eye-opening opportunity to witness some of our instructors we have worked with who have gone on to become high school and college All Americans, and have played in the NFL.

    This provides the young specialists to hear and see from our instructors what their own journey was like and to watch and learn from others what it takes BOTH mentally and physically to succeed! Our small camps provide a great environment to learn, compete and practice with others in both non-game and game situations.

    These camps by design will never have more than 20 kicking specialists at our quarterly instruction camps and our ratio of instructor to camper at these camps is 4 campers to each 1 certified Kickers Zone instructor. Over an 8-hour period a kicking specialist will receive 6 hours of training, and 1 hour of competition (with an hour break for lunch). During some of our lunch breaks we'll also hold "recruiting" issues where we bring in some of our former kickers parents in a great Q&A session!

Our staff includes Durant Brooks (2007 Ray Guy Award) Collin Barber UGA Punter, and Marshall Morgan UGA kicker who were all trained by coach Nolan, and have themselves become great kicking/punting instructors.

For College-Bound Athletes

Our New 2023 Kicking and Punting Advanced FRAMEWORK Series

The "world" of the Kicking and Punting Specialists these days in High School still has MANY a kicking Specialist told by their HS coaches to "just go over to the other field and "kick". Well, we have sold this problem. We've taken over our 48 years and designed from our old "Kicking and Punting "bible" we developed over 36 years ago and which is in HUNDREDS of Hight Schools and Colleges throughout the US.

We've developed a Day-by-Day set of drills (one for the kicker and one for the Punter) ALL broken down and timed to meet your needs and your coaching staff. Each new Framework Series comes with each Drill carefuly explained in DETAIL. Some of these drills you may already be doing from seeing Coach Nolan's other kicking Specialists who have gone on to college and over 20 NFL current anf Former NFL Players!

  • The Kickers’ Zone™ FRAMEWORK BUNDLE

    This Bundle provides the "combo" specialist BOTH the Kicking and Punting Framework Series detailing some of the historty of the kicking and Punting game but over 75 drills that Coach Nolan, Nationally recognized as one of the best kicking and punting instructors in the US having trained THOUSANDS of High School Athletes whove gone on to play college


    In this Bundle Package, you'll see over 50 Kicking and Punting drills designed by Coach Nolan over the years as well as his latest ones JUST RELEASED to really KICK your game into high gear. Just think for the "cost" of just one kicking camp you'll be able to practice your craft with a FRAMEWORK designed for YOU developed by Coach Nolan

  • The Kickers’ Zone™ KICKING FRAMEWORK

    This Proven Framework Series has been developed over the past 36 years to offer the serious high school kicker a DAILY and HOURLY set of over 25 Drills to help hone in their drills and more importantly their accuracy and strength. For the High School Special Teams coach (or Head Coach) provides proven drills so you as a coach just don't just say to a kicker.."Just go over and do drillwork", when may times they have no idea what drills to do!


    The FRAMEWORK series is completely designed with the high school kicker in mind.. We know many times you really don't know what to do, or more important what you are NOT doing to correct an issue. This Framework Series is designed to not only "fix" issues, but explains what to do, and how to fix them.

  • The Kickers’ Zone™ PUNTING Framework Series

    Designed for the SERIOUS high School Punter, who is looking to take their Punting Talents to the next level. Over 25 PROVEN technical and Functional Punting Drills by the founder of the game Punt/GolfTM


    These drills have been used by nearly EVERY Punting Specialists in high school, college and the NFL over the years. The Framework Punting Series provides the ore SERIOUS Punter who just doesn't want to ONLY hit that big ball but wants to expereince what they will need to do in College. From Directionals, and Rugby Rolls and Aussie this Framework is designed for you to really bring your Punting Game to th Next Level!




    This Walkthrough is a great BONUS for the Kicker/Punter on what to do BEFORE THE GAME! We know that on Friday nights the Head Coaches and the staff are too busy directing the other parts of the game.

    We break down specifically WHAT you should be doing and why! An excellent resource for any Kicker and Punter

Standalone Products

  • Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™


    Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™ for video analysis.

  • KickersTime™


    KickersTime™ for video capture, cropping and more.

Our Services Explained

Here's what we offer and how it works.

  • KickersTime™

    KickersTime™ – This is a fully featured hands free capture and instant replay software product that allows the kicking specialist and high level special team’s coach to watch the kicking skills being executed right on the field so as to provide almost instant visual feedback – or you can wait until you arrive home and review the analysis.

    With KickersTime™, you can review steps, plant foot angles, ball striking and follow through techniques then refine these movements from one drill to the next, and all in the same kicking/training session. With KickersTime™, this now becomes an indispensable training aid for improving your kicking techniques on the field.

    Recommended Computer and Camera setup for KickersTime™ and Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™

    Internet connection
    Windows® 7 64 bit
    CD read/write
    Sound card
    One Firewire (IEEE 1394) card or Firewire port for laptop
    2.2MHz Core 2 Duo or greater
    4 GB RAM
    Graphics card
    320 GB free hard disk space (for the video files)
    A 19” or 22” monitor with at least 1024 vertical pixels (eg 1280 x 1024 or
    1680 x 1050). Higher resolutions may make the text and buttons too small.

    Depending on your needs there are 2 ways to capture video into your computer. One is a ‘live’ feed where whatever the camera is looking at is also shown in the software. The other is to capture files onto the camera’s hard drive and then download them to the computer at a later time.

    With the increasing scarcity of MiniDV camcorders around the world, the ‘live feed over Firewire’ option is becoming less available so we have had to alter the way users can get live video feeds into our software. Unfortunately the USB cables that come with the camcorders only allow you to download files, they do not provide a live video feed.

    Our new USB method uses the live AV output from the camcorder and a Hauppauge AV to USB converter. This dramatically increases the number of cameras you can plug into your computer and get a ‘live’ feed from.

    Option 1 (where available)
    Entry level mini DV camera with IEEE 1394 out
    Option 2
    HD Handy Cam and USB to DV Converter
    Ensure the Handy Cam has an analogue video stream which will then be converted to DV via the USB to DV converter. We recommend the Panasonic SDR-H85 SD/HDD Video Camera (or similar model) http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/shop/Standard-Definition-Camcorders/model.SDR-H85K_11002_7000000000000005702 and a Haupauge USB Live 2 http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_usblive2.html

    If you don’t have one yet you can buy the Hauppauge USB2‐Live from: www.dell.com (search for ‘USB‐Live2’)

  • The Kickers’ Zone™

    The Kickers’ Zone™ is the first dedicated “cloud based” platform for the college or professional bound football kicker/soccer player and their coaches who desire a very low cost solution for their training. The Kickers’ Zone ™ places the power to access a very highly designed set of software analysis tools for both the athlete and coach who have been searching for an easy to use training tool with a very low cost.

    For the College or Professional Bound Athlete
    The Kickers’ Zone™ is a tremendous tool that will allow you to upload your video files into a secure website of your latest kicks from practices, games , and even camps (if allowed), then have one of our national experts of coaches provide analysis back to you. The access to our portal to upload and view video analysis is a yearly subscription of ONLY $199.99.

    Additional fees that can be incurred are:

    • Online video analysis requests – Currently $100 for up to 5 online video analysis request and $175 for up to 10
    • On-site, in-person coaches’ analysis/clinics – The coach will provide a quote for service depending on location and the coach’s level of experience

    KickersTime™ is also available in a bundle offering along with The Kickers’ Zone™ for $799.99 to assist the athlete in video capture on the field.

    For Professional Coaches
    The Kickers’ Zone™ is the Coach’s portal to view, upload video clips and deliver back to your kicking athletes your expert coaching tips. Your yearly subscription Software as a Service (SaaS) model is bundled with the Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™ for $899.99 and additionally with KickersTime™ for $1599.99. These two desktop tools will allow you to provide visual and verbal analysis of video clips uploaded by athletes as well as assist in video capture on the field.

    You are able to make extra money on the side fulfilling video analysis requests, as well as on-site professional coaching/training.

  • Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™

    As you can see from our website we have a passion (and prior experience) in working with a niche market: the football kicker/punter/placekicker specialist. The Internet it is becoming more important to not just have a “social profile” that can be viewed online, but for the football kicker/punter specialists to have their own Video Sideline Coach/Trainer who can quickly and accurately assist them with getting the recognition they deserve!
    Video Sideline Coach/Trainer™ is a feature rich software product designed with our partner Silicon Coach (www.siliconcoach), one of the world leaders in video analysis and biomechanics. This tool is designed for the high school, college or professional football kicking coaches that allows them to capture, analyze, watch then review with the athlete (either in person or upload/download via the Internet through The Kickers Zone portal) and then provide a fee for service (either in person one-on-one training, or via upload/download through The Kickers Zone portal) of their coaching analysis, even using their own voice to provide feedback.

    With every football kicking/punting scholarship being offered in today’s highly competitive market, College coaches do not have the time nor luxury to review each potential kicking specialist and many times offers are made based on Regional/National camps, recruiting websites or even by word of mouth!
    The Kickers’ Zone Video Sideline Coach/TrainerTM builds upon players’ skills and highlights videos from the coaches who have actually witnessed (and graded) the football kicker/punter specialists’ skills. The best part of this program is that our experienced coaches who are providing evaluations don’t bring any hidden agenda and their desire is to provide some great feedback for which players might not receive otherwise.