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NorthStar Consulting 1-3-1 with Coach Marc Nolan

Our Guided Process to help you get out of the RECRUITING SWAMP

Coach Nolan provides year around consulting to both the high school and their parents to help them navigate through the different phases of the college recruiting cycle!

Whether you are trying to understand the college recruiting process, (both from a player standpoint, or as a parent) or what camps to attend (and more importantly why) to managing your college career from your freshman to senior year, we offer experience and guidance that is needed in order to understand the dynamics around how the high school is being recruited POST COVID and the trechorous waters of the Transfer Portal and the NCAA's draconian ways they treat the high school recruit!

Coach Nolan has over 45 years of experience in the high school recruiting industry, and as a parent of two college athletes and having trained thousands of athletes over the years in multiple sports knows exactly the issues faced by making the transition from the High School Student Athlete to College Student Athlete


Some of the dangers of NOT knowing about the world of college athletic scholarships can cost a parent thousands of dollars, a lot of frustrations with position coaches (GA's and QC's) college coaches and their “process” and what to believe and not to believe!

Finding the best school may not mean the BIGGEST school in terms of ones “playing career” as opposed to the best school academically and many times the high school athlete not even know what is out there in terms of who is offering and why and is where we come in to assist. Going through the “We are offering a scholarship in the year of 20XX” just come to our camp” is not just that simple.

Websites promising instant D1 offers or knowing they all have a huge database of coaches who will be willing to speak with a specialist is not that simple, and many times is not the best solution, especially if the solution is going to cost thousands of dollars.

Relying SOLELY on the STAR ranking gods can be a dangerous way to go especially which we discuss and in our consulting engagements.

Being one of the less than 2 per cent who receive a college athletic scholarship (and more importantly KEEPING IT) requires a tremendous amount of research and effort and one not many coaches know how to do! Certainly, a high school kid and their parents don’t.

Our consulting engagement starts with a free 30-minute discussion, and from there we tailor a program based on your academic needs, and playing levels

We also dive very deep into what we call the “Eye Chart” and help the high school with their social media and game film set up outside of the traditional Hudl, YouTube and help provide analytics through a great partnership we have.

We also provide how to manage your time both on and off the field especially when it comes to understanding the demands of an athletic who is on scholarship, or a Preferred Walk On and even a Walk On.

We have found that no matter what level you are currently, the rules and commitment has changed as the coaches and the game has changed. Not being aware of these changes is something to not take lightly.

Coach Nolan consulting engagements include:

High School, College and NFL/CFL Pro Strategies

  • An Honest and Fair Assessment (setting Expectations)
  • Pre-Post Game Preparation
  • In season and out of season specific training

ID/Combine Camps- What to do and what NOT to do