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International Best Seller and Number One Book in FOUR Categories

College Athletic Scholarships: The Path to Recruiting Success in the New Age of NIL, the Transfer Portal and Post COVID Scholarships


It’s a new age. The path to obtaining a scholarship and becoming a collegiate has changed immensely. The recruitment process for student athletes has been completely transformed by the presence of a global pandemic, rising popularity of the transfer portal, and the emergence of NIL deals. Without the proper guidance and knowledge, NCAA recruitment can seem like the WILD WEST.

As a coach, my focus has always been “what are the problems the athletes (and their parent’s) are currently facing? And how can I help solve them?” In the last few years, I noticed that athletes and their parents have had more questions about the recruiting process than ever before.

In my new book, I have compiled the most important lessons that I have learned in my 49 year career as a coach, and a parent! Outlined is everything required to ensure your athlete puts themself in the best position to obtain the “elusive” scholarship and prepare for a smooth transition to the next level.

MARC NOLAN is a former collegiate D1 kicker and punter, semi-pro soccer player, and free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles. After finishing his own athletic career, and his time as a US Army Ranger and Army Veteran,he

became the CEO of “The Kickers Zone” -the longest serving kicking and punting one-on-one training company and ALL the time serving as a PART-TIME Instructor to help kids! In his 49 year coaching career, he pioneered “Coaching On Demand Video Analysis” (CODVA) back in 2011 and has worked with thousands of athletes and their parents to help them achieve their athletic dreams.


We are the LONGEST active kicking and punting organization in the US 49 years and counting! Every day Kickers and Punters manyuse our drills that have helped high of the drills we have designed, including our Trademarked Punt/Golf played by thousands each year from high school, college and many NFL kickers and punters succeed.

Our approach is ONLY on a one-by-one private instructor led training. We were the first to try the one on some training and we just did not see the overal value compared to our private lessons with the kicking specialists!

We know all the National Rankings folks by heart, and work with them when they are holding their camps and do pur best to provide an honest assessment!

One of One Private Instruction and Coaching

Where the focus is JUST ON YOU!

Why only One on One? Simple. We tried the one on some training over 30 years ago! We saw that our instruction became less and less but the fun side of competing bi weekly was cool! So we told the guys that with all the technology and cell phones they should just compete and save their money and kget on the "kicking/punting" chat group! Thats where the real fun is any way!

One of One Private Instruction and Coaching

Do You feel like you have no DAILY Direction?

We offer a VERY specific Dedicated Daily Framework Drills designed to assist the kicking specialist in high school who may not be getting any high school instruction.

Over 33 years ago, we designed the first daily kicking devotionals for BOTH the Kicking and Punting Specialists which now are in hundrds of Universities, College and High Schools! These drills are used to assist you with a daily framework and what to do EACH day as you prepare for Game day! Please call us to check out our lastest 2024 Framework Series Bundle Discount at 678-200-7540.

The Journey: A Roadmap For Every Football Kicking Specialist and Their Parents

This ebook is the first one written to provide the reader with some of the issues related to what many parents and high school kicking specialists are not aware of when it comes to kicking specialists and the whole kicking "game" that exists throughout the US. The reader will be able to finally have a book to assist them. 

What Our Customers Say

What our customers have to say about their experience with The Kickers' Zone.

Durant Brooks

“After meeting with Marc and looking at not only the software analysis tools he has designed, but spending several training sessions with his young punters and kickers he has been working out with, I wanted to join him in his endeavor to help these young athletes get better over time. I am excited to be part of something that should be a real “game changer” for not just the athletes’, but also the parents and coaches.” 

Durant Brooks

2007 Ray Guy Award Winner for the Best Punter in the Nation and two-time All-American Punter from Georgia Tech, and 6th round draft choice of the Washington Redskins

Eric Maust

“As a fellow ND alum, I thought that I was receiving special attention and energy from Coach Nolan as he shared with me skills and techniques to punting. Then I saw him work with some of the local high school kickers and quickly realized that the level of engagement I received was as high as it was with the high school kickers.Marc’s passion for what he does clearly distinguishes him from other instructors I had worked with. You cannot teach or coach passion — you can only exemplify it. Marc combines this passion for helping youth achieve athletic goals with knowledge of skills and techniques better than anyone I’ve worked with. I am better because of my involvement with him”. 

Eric Maust

Former Starting Punter (2007-2010) The University of Notre Dame

Garrett Jack

“I started working with Coach Nolan my sophomore year of high school and continued to work with him into my college career. I benefited greatly from his coaching, and it was great to have him with me on the sidelines during games. Good kick or bad kick, I always knew that Coach Nolan would keep me focused on the rest of the game. During training, I never felt like he pressured me to change my kicking style- he simply took what I had, made me feel confident about it, and made it better. Apart from giving me some great coaching tips, Coach Nolan made our training sessions fun and I enjoyed seeing my kicking improve in a relaxed environment. I feel that I have a great friend and role model in Coach Nolan.” 

Garrett Jack

2008 Kicker U.S. Air Force Academy

Kickers Kicking Cancer Program

In 2012 we started The Kickers’ Kicking Cancer kicking-off” our Kickers Kicking Cancer Program throughout the US. This program is designed to raise awareness amongst High School kickers, their High Schools, coaches, local businesses and community leaders to make a connection in the fight to “kick” cancer. We've continued this by being MONTHLY sponsors to CURE Childhood Cancer,Shriners Hospital for Children and St. Judes


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