Kickers Kicking Cancer

Join in the fight to “kick” cancer!

Kickers Kicking Cancer

Starting with the 2012 upcoming high school fall football year, The Kickers Zone (a wholly owned subsidiary of Video Analysis Software (VAS) International, Inc.) is “kicking-off” our Kickers Kicking Cancer Program ™ throughout the US. This program is designed to raise awareness amongst High School kickers, their High Schools, coaches, local businesses and community leaders to make a connection in the fight to “kick” cancer!

We are embarking on a very aggressive plan to work with CURE Childhood Cancer ( whereby 100 per cent of donations provided by National and Local Sponsors, supporters of kickers/punters and their local schools, donate money during the upcoming football season by each time a football team “scores” on an extra point (PAT), field goal, or automatic “touchback” when a football is kicked into the end zone!

If you are a kicker/punter and would like to start helping us Kick Cancer, please go to to sign up through the First Giving Account! It is free and extremely fast and easy and should not take you more than 60 seconds. On the webpage, click on the green “fundraise” button at the top of the page to create your personal fundraising page. You can create your profile and add a picture if you like.

If you would like to donate and help one of our kickers/punters raise money to help us Kick Cancer, please go to and select one of the athletes on the bottom page of the screen to get started.

Outside of working with CURE we have contacted The National Federation of High Schools (which has over 13,000 high schools participating in a football program) and the American Football Coaches Association as well as national and local businesses to donate money each time a football kicker scores an extra point, field goal, or an automatic “touchback”.

For the past 25 years in the United States, the incidence of childhood cancer has steadily grown, with more than 12,500 new diagnoses each year. More than 40,000 infants, children and teenagers are currently receiving treatment for cancer. Importantly, in the US, cancer remains the #1 cause of death due to disease in children, claiming the lives of more children and young people under the age of 20 than any other disease.

CURE Childhood Cancer is 100% focused on children’s cancer efforts. We are committed to supporting children and their families through research that will lead to cures for childhood cancer in our lifetime. For the children battling cancer today, time is of the essence. With only current treatments available, one in five children diagnosed will not survive. We are working to change the landscape for these children, improving survival by focusing our research funding on the childhood cancers most difficult to cure. Our annual commitment in 2011 of nearly $1.5 million to fund 11 specific research projects is aimed at moving the needle ever closer to a 100% cure rate.

Here at VAS and The Kickers Zone, cancer has hit several of our family members who have succumbed to cancer, as well as some of the athletes we train. Recently one of our current college bound kickers Chase Moon’s mom (Ms. Lisa Moon) passed away on December 31st, 2010 from Breast Cancer, after a long courageous fight. Lisa did her best to attend every one of Chase’s game even while she battled this terrible disease, and we were proud to have known her, and to have worked with Chase as a kicker.
Lisa Moon

We also have several kickers’ parents and siblings who are “cancer survivors”, as well as some great friends of ours who are doing this best to “kick” cancer every day of their lives to include a young man on our son’s high school football team Sean Dever (see Sean’s story at

Our program is designed to use High School kickers to raise monies locally based on their kicking abilities, and to see how in a small way we can assist other families and CURE in the battle to win the fight against childhood cancer.


Local High Schools – For every extra point (PAT), field goal, and kick-off that makes it to the end zone (“touchbacks”) the local High School will donate either through their booster club, local businesses or from donations after each game, a running tally of the amount of money made by the kickers to be totaled at the conclusion of the final game (including playoffs and State Championship Games).
Here is just one example of a pledge breakdown:
• Each extra point (PAT made) $5.00 will be donated to CURE
• Each Field Goal made under 50 yards $10.00 will be donated to CURE
• Each Field Goal made OVER 50 yards, $25.00 will be donated to CURE
• Each “touchback” (kick into the end zone) $25.00 will be donated to CURE
A maximum amount can be specified for the whole game (i.e. not to exceed $100)

Company and Individual Sponsors
• Use the above pledge breakdown example but with a maximum gift of a specified amount (i.e. $100, $500, etc.) for all home and/or away games for the season

Corporate Matching Programs and Foundations

All donations can be made in memory or in honor of an individual for any of the above mentioned program types or levels.

100% of the donations will go to CURE Childhood Cancer. At the conclusion of the football season, the kickers will be featured on The Kickers Zone website to show how much money they have raised.
For more information on how as a kicker you can register to be part of this important campaign to help kick cancer, please send an e-mail to Marc Nolan CEO of VAS at or you may reach him at 678-200-7540, or CURE Childhood Cancer Development Manager, Ms. Paula T. Collins at or by phone at 770-986-0035 ext. 23.

We Would Love to Hear From You

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or comments you have.