For many years the HS athlete seeking an College Athletic Scholarship took many traditional routes. From the High School fields, pitches, gyms and track and fields throughout the US over 8 million athletes train to become the best, and NOW the NCAA has put these HS athletes scholarships and their parents in a tough position.


The ONLY Podcast Series dedicated 100 percent to the Parents of High School Athletes looking for the most up to date information on what the NCAA is doing to undermine the High Student Athlete in their quest for that elusive college athletic scholarship

Here we will share our 49 years of helping over 4,000 athletes and their parents obtain over $200,000,000 in athletic scholashships with some tips, advice and insider knowledge everything high school sports scholarships relate! These include the horrendous decisions the NCAA has done to try and cripple the High School athletes from NIL to the terrible Transfer Portal! Its a mix of interviews, special, co hosts and solo shows from Marc that you're not going to want to miss.

Our Podcast Series for the Parents of High School Athletes

The ONLY Leading Podcast series 100 percent dedicated to the Parents of High School Athletes trying to obtain that college athletic scholarship while fighting the NCAA and the Transfer Portal WARS

When you listen to our series on the just how far the NCAA will go to take away college athletic scholarships from the High School Athletes POST Covid and the roles the NCAA is playing with brining in MORE International Students who many times are 22-24 year old "professionals" in thier home countries and now competing DIRECTLY against you the 17-18 year old US high School athlete you'll quickly see why we are the ONLY ones dedicating our Podcasts to YOUR CAUSE!